Friday, February 16, 2007

Keeping pace

I often forget to post, considering most of my time on the internet is at work, and, when I am at work, I am often trying to catch up to my endless list of tasks. I am trying to make a habit of it though, if for no other reason that I will have a record of where my time and attention is going. I haven't written in a while - I must say that I miss it. I managed to reread the entire Dark Tower series and am still not pleased with the tone of the last four books, but it was nice to visit Roland in his world again.
It comes to me often that the world is not meant to be a very nice place. I was reading an excerpt from a book, and there was a quote the author used - "Whatever a man hates, he becomes." (Or that's what I remember the quote as since the website is down.) It really struck a chord with me. Is it really true? If so, is it wise to judge others so harshly as to hate them?
Sociologists will rail against society and the "prison city" that keeps people from interacting (it's true, ask one...and bring a lunch.) but is it in our nature to interact without conflict? Perhaps the division is necessary in modern life to keep it from collapsing into chaos. It would be interesting to know the truth of it, but truth is better left for philosophers than scientists. Everything is subjective, even this statement. Muhaha...the irony fairy strikes again!

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