Monday, March 5, 2007


Sometimes it amazes me how fragile we are as human beings, how small things that happen to us sometimes never leave, how something inconsequential to others can devastate us for years. On the flipside, sometimes our resistance is downright heroic - from surviving wars to living with debilitating diseases, all with a smile on our face. We are downright astounding creatures.
All this being said, I think sometimes we have a hard time connecting to each other. We forget the simple truth that our experience is a shared one. Or perhaps this is just my own shortcoming - I have seen many people do selfless things for strangers, including myself. Perhaps those people are better people than I am; more realistic, more humanistic. More often than not, I react with fear to the unknown. It is a great weakness that someday, when I feel like I am not so small, perhaps I will overcome. Or perhaps I will just become more withdrawn and frightened as I get older, until I cannot connect with anyone anymore.
For a long time, my heading was "Sadness makes us Human." I still feel this way. I think it serves as a reminded to every member of the human race of all the struggles and pain we have in common. Perhaps at those times, when ego and pride are forgone, we truly see our reflections in the eyes of others.

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