Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Oh man...can't begin to tell you how many ways not to expect good things from the new Wolverine movie. It has it all: wooden dialogue, stating the obvious, all the good "normal" people in the movie dying just to give Wolverine a chance to feel anguish. It's like the entire movie was written to make Wolverine into The Woobie (http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/TheWoobie) Other than that, I think Sabretooth was a little better characterized than in the movies and Gambit was a complete waste. All in all - don't go see it.


Anonymous said...

I could have used this advice before this weekend, where in a desperate attempt at getting the summer started I chose to go see the movie. I was particularly disappointed with Gambit, who I saw as one of the major high points for a reason to go see this one. He's one of my favorite comic characters, partly because he's a character who is not at all really defined by his powers, which I think is very cool. He's your classic Bourbon street vagabond sort with a slight edge of Southern gentleman (in that conflicted sordid sort of dirty street musician way) who only just happens to have good luck and a little kinetic thing going on.

The funny thing is that the plot line itself wasn't that bad. Had it been dressed up with a little more complexity and some better dialogue the whole thing would have worked a bit better. That was the big disappointment. Comics live on dialogue and the movie was just focused on the action.

The recent watchmen movie was a good example of how good a hero movie can be when the dialogue is preserved. A lot of the great dialogue from a particular complex graphic novel was preserved and that made a lot of the difference.

Wolverine is a good example of why movies can't stand on action alone.

Kory said...

being a huge gambit fan I also feel he was wasted on the movie. One fight scene with a ridiculous helicopter move, and sub par dialog....grrr.

the characterization of sabretooth was the high point of the movie, you were right on with that.

I don't know if I would say don't go. I had really low expectations, so it exceeded them.