Thursday, May 28, 2009

A quick thought...

Everything seems to be working out for me today...I keep wondering if I'm going to die or something....if so, IT WAS ALL WORTH IT! ha ha :)

(Seriously though, I'm having a great day. I hope everyone else gets one of these.)

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Anonymous said...

Did you get a raise? I got a new job without a raise last week so that's not always an indicator of success, I suppose. If not, and this was your day for everything working out, I would have asked for a raise, anyway. Just for the validation. :) Then maybe some cupcakes, since whether or not cupcakes are any good is hit and miss. That's the real signature of success...having good cupcakes at a whim whenever you want. Ah, the power. And maybe a pencil that never gets dull or doesn't dull exactly when you put its exquisitely sharpened tip on the paper. I hate that.

Cake or Death?