Monday, March 30, 2009

Jubak has his say

Another hit in the news, this time aiming for Congress:

Unfortunately, I don't have time to comment on this article, but it is sort of strange for me to see the things I've been concerned about in the news because let's face it....most of the time the news is more worried about Angelina Jolie's next child than directing any attention at the government. Granted, Jubak is a financial columnist, so it's in his purview, but it's on so it will get some exposure. Now just to find some more hoity-toity sociologists that think the class warfare is on...


Kory said...

class warfare always goes on, its only when the underdogs fight back that they give it a name.

Is it a surprise that those who have the means to, lobby for avenues to expand their holdings?

Anonymous said...

Kory is exactly right. It's actually only called class warfare when the 'underclass' whoever they are decide to get all 'uppity' and try and exert backward pressure on the capital classes. Don't they know who's in charge?

The rest of the time it's just called business as usual. The American people (the regular ones, not the three multi-million dollar house ones) actually have a real opportunity to act as a capital class now that they 'collectively' own huge pieces of some of the most expensive financial real estate on the planet.

I wonder who it is that is going to get invited to the next shareholders meeting for GM?

More on this when I'm not on a laggy Hong Kong Burger King free wifi internet connection.