Friday, March 20, 2009

A couple of thoughts...

It just occurred to me - Patience is detachment. Is this considered a virtue because it keeps you from disrupting everyone else, or because you hurt yourself less with anxiety?

Also, I wonder if the perception of time follows along a reverse Fibronacci sequence? It sure as hell seems to speed up as I get older. I have no idea if things change faster or if that's just my perception at work, but fashion trends, ideologies, job turnover - all these things seem to be taking less and less time between real changes. It troubles me in an "turning in the widening gyre" sort of way.

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Anonymous said...

Because of the diversity of sequences, there are more things that can change, an ever widening category of ever widening categories all of which are selectively changing. And, because of the relationships and influences between them they continue to evolve based on their common affects to one another. As you get older you are touching more things that have a capacity for change and so this seems faster. A hundred years ago a person would have seen or touched maybe 20 or 30 things in their entire life that evolved. Fifty years ago that number would have been in the hundreds. If it were just your life and your reach it would be perhaps now a thousand, but because you can now touch, or have an awareness of nearly the entire globe, you are cognizant of tens of thousands directly and many more indirectly. Perhaps it is this tendency that you sense and its virtual cascade. Thus, it is both incremental specific change and diversity in the patterns of change that complicate your vision. The nature of our existence demands that once this pace is set, it will continue in a geometric progression. Thus, it is a simpler progression than a Fibonacci sequence because the inputs are simpler.