Monday, November 9, 2009

Walmart isn't the end-all of evil

I was just reading a post about a couple that was detained at Wal-mart and very crudely treated. Mind you, this isn't the only report of Big Business© causing issues with customers. United was spotted for their kerfluffle with a musician who decided to write a song about the affair - United Breaks Guitars , which has apparently actually caught their attention finally and prodded them to do something about it. There are probably only about several thousand stories such as these that I haven't read.
My point - now is not the time to mistreat customers, or to allow employees who do so to continue working for you. Unemployment is the highest it's been since the early 90's - find someone else to do the job you pay them to do, which is treat your customers with respect and dignity regardless of everything else. Any one who has worked retail/sales/etc. knows that there are complete jerks who come into the store just to abuse you and make themselves feel better about their shitty lives, but guess what? You're still paid to do the job of helping customers. Good clerks still find a way to do that and then mutter under their breaths or in the breakroom. It's the way of it. It's why you get an education and move to a job that doesn't require you to be looked down upon.
Also, Big Business©, you might think about treating your workers better and paying them more. Otherwise, it's your name that gets trashed, not the worker's name.

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Kory said...

Don't even get me started on united...ok too late.

Why is it that you must serve drinks to the first class passengers and block the aisles so that us lowly coach fliers must wait behind the flight attendants with bags in hand.

Why is it that despite it being a major airport with a double jetway capable of boarding and debarking from two sections of the plane, you insist on making an entire 747 worth of people use a single door? Alitalia uses two on their flights!?

Why is it that your gate agents pretend they can't help us get seats together before she uses up all the free seats for the folks on standby, we booked three months in advance for crying out loud.

The answer? I have a hunch. When a company treats its employees like crap, they in turn treat their customers as such.

Crap rolls down hill.