Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Why I am not an activist

I was reading about the Pro-Life movement on Newsweek on an article they had detailing a reduced abortion approach and it caused me to realize why I am not an activist - when you are an activist, you are only allowed one point of view at a time. Hold up a sign that says "Right to Life" and you aren't allowed to have any other opinions at that time. If someone comes by and skewers you because you're focusing on that issue and not one of a thousand others, you can't really have an identity other than that sign. Similarly for a Pro-Choice supporter; all of a sudden you take on the entire movement on your shoulders should you decide to speak up. Since I can't dictate the entirety of any movement, nor can I agree with all the speaking points of any particular party, I decline to take on that responsibility. It seems like a very irresponsible way to handle it, but I can bet there are a lot of others out there who would stand for a lot more if only it meant keeping your full identity when you did so. I don't want to become words on a sign.

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