Thursday, September 4, 2008


I'm not sure if there's a place in the world for people like me. It sounds so juvenile to say that statement, but the more I come across in life, the more it keeps me wondering that same thing every year I'm alive. I'm not very competitive, I'm cooperative. I don't like the idea of being afraid of things I don't know about and trying to legislate them away. I'm usually the first to admit that I'm not an expert on a subject but I'm very prideful of my intelligence (and yes, I looked prideful up to make sure I was using it properly...details are important to me.) I was just reading a few articles on Boing Boing about the Republican National Convention on how some of the "rioters" might have actually been hired by the police to instigate news opportunities and another post on an old comic that was done against homosexuality. It's not really the items that get me, it's more the people that defend it in the comments. Does it make me a hypocrite that I wish to beat down those beating down others?
I think it's probably because I'm moving on psychologically, developing into the next level of awareness. If I remember right from my classes, it's about now that you start developing a community membership, having developed your individuality in your teens and your support structure in your 20s. It's all very strange. I wish there was a myth for today, for how to grow and progress without all this worry. If all is true, then we are remaking the same world our fathers and grandfathers made and so the social dynamic isn't too terribly different. I don't believe our mindset is too different from the Renaissance at this point, except that in America the government isn't representative of God like Queen Elizabeth was thought to be. However, many people think that the President is there by God's will, so that doesn't make it too different.
Humanity has made it through those times. I don't suspect we will end ourselves with these. It does leave the question though - how far into the dark side will we get before we come back to lighter times?

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Anonymous said...

You're building the myth already by imagining that there is more to it, that's your job. It is the responsibility of all creative people of conscience who are wise enough to look critically at what is around them and brave enough to stare into the darkness. All myths came from that same fear of the dark. It was up to the myth makers to create the stories that gave comfort and purpose to those dispossessed by their fear.

Every well balanced society has known that its myths represented not the best of what they saw in reality, but rather a great idealized solution to reality. It was a way of reminding the group that answers and contexts existed other than those present and many times called them to actions that were not common among their contemporaries (Was Greek an Odysseus or was he an exception?). Belief is a powerful necessary thing and only becomes destructive when it takes on the name of dogma, and dogma the name of religion, and religion bows its head and closes its eyes and becomes certainty.